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Hey, a Doctor’s Got to Pay the TARDIS Bills Somehow


Dear TR reader MakaCat alerted me to these four fabulous commercials for the mysterious and powerful PRIME computer of ’80s England, being shilled by Doctor Who (yes, yes, I know it’s just “The Doctor,” Who fans) in his Tom Baker mode. Amazing that I’ve never heard of such an incredible computer before, especially when it’s so smart it can calculate scarf sizes and can even understand women’s needs.

Actually, this is my first look at pre-Eccleston Doctor Who of any sort, and I’m kind of shocked — were the early Doctors all pimps? Or was it just Baker’s incarnation? That Companion is totally hanging off him, and is clearly only barely restraining herself from licking Baker’s ear. I guess after Eccleston and Tennant I assumed that the Doctors were romantically inclined towards their ladies, but kept it chaste. Apparently not, because Baker and this chick are clearly fucking each other through time and relative dimensions in space.