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Go Team Venture!


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?From Venture Bros. co-creator Jackson Publick’s blog:

We’ve recently signed a new contract with adultswim to produce two more seasons of The Venture Bros.

and I officially started writing last week. Though, in truth, we
technically started writing season 5 last year when we accidentally
brainstormed a handful of (we think) pretty hot new stories while we
were writing the season 4 finale. Our goal is to have enough scripts to
comfortably begin pre-production by June.

But wait…that’s not all!

Our contract also includes a long-form (60-90 min.) Venture Bros.
special. Don’t ask me when we’ll make it, what it’s going to be about,
or whether it’ll be on TV or direct-to-DVD, because we don’t have a clue
yet. Nevertheless: good news!

Tell them what else they get, Jackson…

We’ve been secretly working on an 11 minute Venture Bros.
special for the past couple of months. A sort of light-hearted, one-off
little aperitif we’re producing and animating entirely in-house at Titmouse Studios in NY and LA. It will premiere some time this summer.

FUCK AND YES. That is all. Oh, and thanks to Zortt1 for the tip.

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