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So, This Exists



?A Green Lantern Oa playset for pre-schoolers. It’s from Fisher-Price’s ImagiNext line, which you might know as the series that also has that incredibly awesome Batcave playset. Two things: 1) this isn’t quite as awesome as the Batcave and 2) it’s actually a repainted, recolored generic space-station playset Fisher-Price released previously, but I don’t know that we can hold either of those things against it. I mean, it’s a goddamned Oa playset for toddlers. That’s amazing. Even more amazing? It includes a B’dg figure. As in, the squirrel Green Lantern who is less known than Ch’p. That’s fucking insane. I mean, it’s taken until 2011 for any Ch’p figure to be made (in Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics line), because he’s such a ridiculous concept, and now, immediately, we get the second-tier Ch’p too, thanks to a goddamned PlaySkool set! Truly, this is one of those things that makes me think we live in the nerdiest of all possible worlds. Thanks to Captain AK for the tip.

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