Super Terrific Japanese thing: Vagina Panties


Yeah, I’m just going to put this after the jump.


Do you wish you had a vagina, but your pesky penis keeps getting in the way? Well then, this pair of panties, complete with a very poor recreation of a vagina on the front, should help you not in the slightest! Yes, you won’t be able to fool friends, potential sex clients or yourself when you put on these panties, and you certainly won’t be able to stick anything in there. On the other hand, this fauxgina does have a hole in it, so you could let your dick dangle out of there in order to make your nether regions a disturbing, nightmarish vortex of sexual insanity that should shatter the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to look upon your genitals. And that, my friends, is a steal at $128!