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Creepiest Chewbacca Costume Ever! Plus Ford Busts out some Han Lines



I would think that basic logic – and anyone who’s ever seen a shaved cat – would suggest that furry creatures are not best represented by skin-tight gimp suits. But when I stare at this thing, logic fails me in a way that I think even Sarek would understand.

Nor is this some one-off, etsy-made fan fetish creation. This is one of several licensed products of its kind. Which means Disney signed off on selling it.

In happier Chewie news, a Wookiee in a better costume confronted Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live, prompting him to give us a taste of old Han Solo, complete with his signature finger point of doom. It tells me he’s gonna be just fine back in the role.

costume link via Laughing Squid

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