New Doctor Who Minisode Reminiscent of Robocop and Half-Life



I really wish, rather than a minisode, that this were the introductory cutscene/practice level for a first-person shooter in the Doctor Who universe – since that’s exactly how it plays out. I don’t suppose I should say anything about the content after last time, other than it depicts a key point in the mythology not yet seen, and the general framing device is the POV of someone waking up to find their field of vision has digital displays – and flashes of nightmares. The reawakening montage from Robocop was clearly an inspiration.

Sorry, no Peter Davison cameo as rumored – but there is at least one easter egg that hints at other things.

Click on to watch…

50th Mini epsode The Last Day by culttvstuff

via Rob at i09

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