Bow Down and Kiss His Shiny Metal Ass

nobubbling.jpgSimon Jansen is a god among nerds; he has created a life-size, talking but most importantly beer-brewing Bender, i.e. the beloved boozing robot from Futurama. Not only this is clever, it’s brilliantly nerdy, as Bender indeed gave birth to a beer in Futurama episode 12 of season 3, “The Route of All Evil” (the beer was callend Benderbrau, naturally). Please take a moment to worship Jansen’s nerd-divinity in the way you see best.

Then make sure to check out Jansen’s full step-by-step process here to learn how you, too, could create your own Bender brewery, complete with an episode-authentic remote-control (for Bender’s sass-talking) but won’t because you’re lazy and/or poor. (Via Slashdot) ? Rob