New York Toy Fair: The 8 Sexiest Hunks of Plastic from NYTF

What, are you surprised?

8) Baroness in wet-suit from G.I. Joe (Hasbro)
Admittedly, this figure simply looks like any female in scuba gear. But knowing the Eastern European dominatrix of out childhood in their makes it pretty damned sexy.

7) Niki/Jessica from Heroes (Mezco)
This was a tough call, but in the end, Wave 2’s Niki/Jessica figure was better sculpted than Wave 3’s Kristen Bell/Elle figure. I stand by my claim that Niki’s character sucks eggs on Heroes, however.

6) Donna Troy Ame-Comi (DC Direct)
DC had other, more scantily clad Ame-Comi girls at Toy Fair, including Poison Ivy and Hawkgirl. But I decided Donna Troy here had a look in her eye that made her sexier than the other toys. Then I decided I need an incredible amount of therapy, and cried.

5) Tina from Dead or Alive (Koto)
You might guess that this statue of the fearsome wrestler Tina is not from the hit DOA fighting video game series, but the incredibly saucy DOA beach volleyball game. Yopu’d be quite right.

4) Sith Twi’lek from Star Wars Comic Two-Packs (Hasbro)
I know this sexxxy evil alien from Dark Horse’ Star Wars Legacy comics has a name and a backstory, but really, she’s just an incredibly calculated attempt to make the most appealing Star Wars character ever: sexy, an alien, and a Sith with Darth Maul tattoos. And it works! I love her!

3) Virgo from Warriors of the Zodiac (McFarlane Toys)
About the only new toy McFarlane showed off at Toy Fair was this. Naturally, it exposed its belly button.

2) Misa from Death Note (Jun Planning)
There were figures of girls in sluttier costumes, but I think Misa pulls it off without looking too whorish. As I get older, I appreciate that distinction more and more. Also, I chose the red outfit over the black and white versions, and I’m not really sure why.

1) Barbie as Black Canary (Mattel)
As previously discussed. I seriously need a daughter ASAP to legitimize the purchase of this doll. Can I borrow somebody’s?