Video Games

Ms. Pac-Man Is a Goddamn Whore


…and to wrap up today’s weirdness, I present this naughty little gem from sometime TR contributor and -third-cousin-twice-removed-blog writer Chris Ward (i.e., he’s word-jockey-ing for Joystick Division, a videogame blog for fellow VVM alt-paper City Pages).
Yes, Hustler magazine paid some trollop to wear a terrible Ms. Pac-Man costume and show off her lady bits; this is sad enough, but to do it to make fun of Debbie Gibson’s Playboy appearance makes it much sadder. As Ward notes:

At any rate, consider this: Somewhere in the USA, at some point in time, a leggy skank and her overweight camera crew rented a bedbuggy hotel room and snuck a GIANT MS. PAC-MAN HEAD through the lobby and/or up the freshly vomited-upon stairs.

Somewhere, at some point, some guy was ordered to spend weeks in his workshop creating an incredibly detailed, pretty sweet Ms. Pac-Man costume, only to have some lady get her dirty meat flaps all over it. And then have some low-paid, hack writer make a joke about “grabbing your joystick” and “rolls of quarters in your pocker.” Territory that’s been pretty well covered, thank you very much.

There’s truly nothing that Ward can’t make more depraved. Now I’m off to have a stiff drink and a long shower.