Mr. Sandman (Yes?) Bring Me a High-Priced Collectible Action Figure

Is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman directly responsible for the rise of the Emo trend in America? Probably not, but the anthropomorphic realization of Dream certainly helped teach young mopesters how to dress. DC Direct’s 12-inch line finally remembered they own Vertigo, and will release Dream, a.k.a. The Sandman, in March of next year at $125. ToyNewsI says the figure will come with the following:

Dressed in an intricate and authentically detailed costume, including a 4-panel tattered cloak, The Sandman comes with many character-specific accessories, including his ruby necklace, the Helm of Dreams, the Key to Hell, Goldie the Gargoyle, Matthew the Raven and a display stand. Packaged in a special slipcase to evoke the Absolute Editions that inspired it.

I’m positive there is absolutely zero chance of a 12-inch Death figure not coming later in 2009, which I know should make some of you happy.