Videogame Rumor Trifecta: Nintendo DS, Halo, Xbox 360

? Word on the street (that street being Kotaku Blvd.) is that Nintendo’s going to release a new DS next spring, with larger screens, and both of them touch-capable. You’ll be able to manipulate both the top and the bottom simultaneously, just like you did with that girl in high school.

? Since Bungie has opted out of making more Halo games, the next game in the series could be made by Gearbox, makers of the fine Brothers In Arms series, amongst others. The game is already planned as an Xbox 3 launch title, so even if this is true, no need to hold your breath. (Via Destructoid)

? Speaking of Xbox, this isn’t a rumor as much as the worst-kept secret in the industry?Microsoft will be releasing a 60-gig 360 for $300 on or about September 9th, along with a $200 360 Arcade version, making it cheaper than the Wii. As someone who bought a 20-gig 360 for $300 only last month, I’ll be DRINKING MY MISERY AWAY, YOU FUCKS GODDAMN YOU GODDAMN OH ARRGGH MY HEART AGAIN NOOOa@#%svd@#