Jack’s a Real Downer about Moving Locke’s Corpse

Lost season five premieres tomorrow night, and I don’t mind telling you I’m giggling like a schoolgirl about to ride a pony. Hell, about to ride a unicorn–that’s how excited I am to see Jack and Ben and the gang, even if Jack is all mopey about lugging bodies into vans. Movieweb has six preview clips from the premiere, and while the above one is fun, hit the jump two more clips which reveal a pretty cool spoiler from tomorrow’s episodes.

Spoiler time! We all know when Ben turned the Wheel, the island moved. Now, we’ve all kind of guess that since Lost is dealing with a great deal of time travel shenanigans, we all guessed the island probably moved in time as well as space. As the above clip shows, at least the people on the lisland definitely moved in time–and fuck only knows where the island is in the present or what shape it’s in.

And if you want to know when the castaways are, this clip reveals it pretty damn well. This is getting exceedingly awesome, folks. I sense some major revisions of those first few seasons coming up, and I can’t stop giggling.