Time for Another Shot of Tequila

Kudos to /Film, who noticed a tony article in The Hollywood Reporter that John Woo’s Lion Rock Entertainment is currently working on a sequel to the action masterpiece that put both Woo and Chow Yun Fat on the international map, Hard Boiled. It’s going to be a film version of Strangehold, the charmingly terrible Xbox 360/PS3 game from a couple of years ago, which was a pseudo-sequel already; in it, supercop Tequila’s ex-wife and daughter have been kidnapped by the mob, so he basically shoots a million people until everything turns out all right.

I bought Strangehold recently and am mid-way through it (I stopped to joylessly collect 500 goddamn flags in Assassin’s Creed), but the story was fine, if not thrilling. It provides plenty of opportunities for insane shoot-outs, which is all I or anyone can expect or want. Since Yun Fat obviously doesn’t discriminate too hard when it comes to his projects (*cough*Dragonball*cough*), I’m sure he’s game, but I do wonder if John Woo would really direct it, or if he’d just produce and pass it on to someone else.

Look, I have little doubt that a Hard Boiled sequel will never match the original. I can accept that. But any film with a few awesome action scenes and that prevents Yun Fat from making another horrible, horrible film is okay by me.