Breaking: Supergirl Puts on Bike Shorts


Supergirl is — or at least should be — the best superhero in the world for young girls (moreso than Wonder Woman, in my woman, who should theoretically skew a bit older) but Supergirl has dressed like a porn star dressed as a school girl for half a decade or so. But no more. DC editor Matt Idleson apparently made a decree not too long ago that he “never wants to see Supergirl’s panties again.” Apparently, she’ll be wearing red shorts underneath her mini-skirt, and tragic as it is that this is news, it is news (I got it from NPR!), because these shorts are long, long overdue.

I can’t tell you how much I approve of this. I know comics sexualize the heck of both women and men, but throwing Supergirl into the exploitative mix always struck me as wrong. I don’t know if it’s because she’s supposed to be a teen (and presumably underage in most states) or if Superman’s ideal’s would probably force him to ask his cousin to stop flashin’ dat ass, but it always seemed inappropriate, and I’m glad DC has finally gotten around to correcting this. I hope no one’s upset about this, although surely someone is. It’s not like Power Girl is putting on a sweater or anything; there’s plenty of superheroines left to ogle. And there’s always actual pornography, too. Thanks to Jamie for the tip. (Via NPR)