I Hope One of Them Can Summon Bigger Repo Man

One of the many hilariously unnecessary reality TV series on cable TV is Repo Man, which airs at sometime I can’t possibly be bothered to look up on “Tru” TV (I think they’re fans of Tru Calling, but whatever). Steve G. sent me this clip of the thick, no-nonense repo stars of the show having to take a Prius from a group of LARPers… in the wild.

Now, this is obviously staged — sadly, as nerds, I’m sure most of us have seen enough LARPers and LARPing in our time to know that those are clearly store-bought wizard, princess and knight costumes, which real LARPers would never be caught dead in. And since the LARPers also try to use “magic” to “vanquish” the Repo Men, which only genuinely mentally ill people would try to do, I’m pretty sure this is ripped off directly from an episode of Reno 911. But whether the event is based on a real event they just needed to re-film or even if the show is just outright lying, it’s an excellent reminder of how most of society still views nerds — as borderline insane.