Some Nerdy Stripping We Can All Get Behind


I disagree with everyone who does not fear and loathe the Marge Simpson Playboy cover and the breakdown of non-perverse society (if you want to yank it to cartoon characters, fine, but they should be cartoon characters designed to be sexually alluring, and not, say THE SIMPSONS, DAMMIT) but since I am a kind and benevolent nerd overlord, I will stay my anger and give you what might be the greatest video on the internet — five minutes of a sexy Stormtrooper stripping. It’s safe enough for YouTube, but I doubt it’s safe for most workplaces… but man, it’s totally worth losing your job over. Just sayin’. Infinite thanks to Rhys for the tip. Much like the disco SW quotes from yesterday, I anxiously await your stripper-modified SW quotes in the comments.