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“You Came With That Thing? You’re Braver Than I Thought.”



?Yes, I know the quote is “came in that thing,” but bear with me. Some sex toy company named JimmyJane makes a sex toy called the Form 2 Vibrator, shown above. Gizmodo noted that it looked kind of like the Millennium Falcon. JimmyJane responded by making the above comparison chart, which is totally fucking awesome. Now, I’m assuming that there are some nerd girls out there who would genuinely like to get off via Corellian starship-inspired vibrators — or guys who would like to bring some Star Wars, even if secretly, into their sex lives — and thus I wanted to let you know that the vibrator available is for purchase here. But I also wanted to see how many Millennium Falcon-related Star Wars quotes TR commenters could make which sound dirty with either slight editing, or even no editing at all. Who wants to help me find out?