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Fan Fiction Friday: April O’Neil in “April’s Unforgettable Capture”



?I’ve featured a lot of weirdness in FFF these past few weeks, including urination, testicle odor, and animated vehicle tentacle rape. I feel like it’s past time I ran something basic, something classic. A story that harkens back to a simpler time, when FFF featured heterosexual sex, when it featured rape that inevitably becomes consensual because it’s so hot. And, most of all, when it featured stories that were written by 13-year-olds stuck in the slow kids’ English class. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you April O’Neil, reporter, in author Mikey’s epic “April’s Unforgettable Capture.”

It is a warm summer night in New York City at a full moon, walking on
the way out of the building known as Channel 6 is a beautiful red
haired, hot pink skin woman named April O’Neil, who works as a new
reporter for the company standing 5’8″ and has such a voluptuous
hourglass figure, wearing her usual skintight yellow jumpsuit with a
white belt around her slim waist and white boots, the suit is halfway
zipped down in front, exposing the lovely cleavage of her big fat
breasts while the suit’s tightness show most of her incredible curves,
it’s so tight that much of the bottom rear part would ride up in the
deep crack of her huge plump butt when she walks. Before she walks out
of the door, the woman in the lobby called her with a warning.

“Um, ma’am? Your skin is hot pink. I think you should go to the hospital immediately.”

“Hey! I hear there are some thugs going around and doing who knows what
to any woman in sight. You be careful out there, Ms. O’Neil and get home
fast, okay?”, she asked, wondering if April ever notice how gets so
much attention wearing that tight jumpsuit all the time.

C’mon, lady, April is a “new reporter.” It’s her job to notice things, like when people stare at her big fat breasts and huge plump butt.

April slighty raised an eyebrow as she wonder what the lady meant about
what the thugs will do to any attractive women they see, she chuckled
lightly as she gently stroke her hair,

“Uhh… YYYeah… My home is just a block away so I’ll get there faster
before they see me.. See you tomorrow!”, she said a bit nervously before
she walks out of the door, then she asked herself softly walking down
the block,

“Gee… What was she talking about? They do what to women? Rob them,
snatch their purses? I’ve had better stories than that. Still, I’d
better get home fast before “who knows what” happen to me.”

“I can’t imagine what men possibly would want with a voluptuous woman who dresses like a slutty construction worker! Still, if any thugs do find me, they better do more than rob me or snatch my purse because THAT WOULD BE FUCKING WEAK. THEY WOULD BE PUSSIES. Oh well, better get home! Tee-hee!” And you better hit the jump, too.

So April walks as fast as she could and mad it to the next block as she
is just a few minutes away from home, but then about three thugs walk
from across the street as they caught up to April, smirking darkly,

Oh no! Who could have possibly foreseen this outcome?

“What’s a snoopy reporta like you doin’ out here at this time of the
night, huh?”, “You got somethin’ we want, cutie and we ain’t leavin’
till we get it.”.

April covers the Peanuts beat? Well, that explains why she’s never heard of sexual assault before.

April saw the three thugs walking up quickly as she gasp loudly,

“I wasn’t surprised when they crossed the street toward me or when they spoke to me, but when they started walking quickly I was shocked! Gasp!”

“Uh oh! Gotta run!”, so April ran as fast as she could and then the
thugs started chasing her into the dark alleyway until she ran into a
dead end, she was cornered as they are slowly walking up to her,
grinning evilly,

I love how Mikey’s horrible sentence construction means that the thug have cornered an evilly grinning April. It makes the whole story much more interesting.

“Alright ya walking banana for a reporta, give us all ya money and maybe
we’ll let ya go!”, “Yeah, and no harm will come to ya if you quit
stickin’ ya nose in other gangs’ business. Now hand over the cash!”.

“I read your articles regularly, so I know that you’ve been reporting on various gang crime even though this has not been established anywhere in the story! Also, I’m calling you a banana because your jumpsuit is yellow, and bananas are also yellow! I apologize if that wasn’t clear!”

April screamed as she shiver in fear, having no clue what will happen,
is there anyone who could save this helpless reporter? Her green friends
would come and save her, but she had already been rescued from the evil
metal masked ninja master earlier today and their job is to save April
at least once a day, so now she’s on her own as the leader walks up
behind the two with a dark grin,

First of all, April has no clue what will happen? The thugs have already made things pretty clear, I think. It’s a pretty standard mugging, with a bit of coercion on the side. Not really anything too hard to grasp. Second, I LOVE the idea that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a rescue-April-once-per-day limit. “Sorry, April. But you get in trouble like 12 times a week, and if we rescue you more than once a day, we can’t get anything else done.”

“Scream as loud as you can, nobody can hear you here in this alley, Ms.
O’Neil, you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and we’re gonna have
some fun with you. Alright, rape her, boys!”, he said walking up slowly
as the two ran up and grab her arms, zipping her jumpsuit all the way
down and spread each side apart as her big juicy tits pop out and
bounced freely with her pink nipples slightly hard.

What happened to the “no harm will come to ya if you quit
stickin’ ya nose in other gangs’ business”? Do these thugs not understand they have to give April some time to write or not write said articles to see if she complies or not? Because right now, April doesn’t seem to get much of a benefit for not doing any gang news coverage; they can’t really un-rape her if she stop writing the articles at this point. The thugs are delivering a mixed message here.

April tried to break
out of their hold, struggling, but it was no use. The leader got close
as he reach out and roughly grope onto those melons as such softness
quickly turned him and the other two horny, so they pushed her down and
slowly unzip their pants, grinning evilly as April widen her eyes and
she could feel herself get oddly attracted once they pull out their big
cocks pumping hard that precum slowly drip out of those tips.

Oh, that’s right. “Rape” doesn’t count as “harm” because April will obviously enjoy it. My bad. I don’t what I was thinking.

The sight of those thick meats got April’s body hot as her big nipples
grew a bit harder, she knew now why she gets caught all the time,
because she attract so many men good or bad with that skintight yellow
jumpsuit on such delicious body of hers like she’s a banana waiting to
get peeled for a good taste. Her body is now craving for those sausages
as she tried to resist, but her instincts will not let her fight it, so
she had no choice but to give in to her desire as the leader said to
her in a rude manner,



“What are you waiting for, come and suck’em now, banana bitch, or we’ll
make ya! We ain’t got all night ya know!”, they laughed at the report as
she got up on her knees and gently reach out and stroke on the other
two hard shafts, then she closed her eyes, hating herself as she slowly
placed her wet pink lips on the leader’s tip and began sucking on just
that area softly with her gentle moans.

So, does April still have to give them her money? I feel like the thugs really lost track of this mugging.

The leader look down at her shaking his head, “Oh come on, you gotta do
better than that, lady. Like this!”, he roughly grab on the back of
April’s head and started thrusting his cock further inside her mouth
until she began drooling all over followed with her gags which made her
stroke those two poles harder as they laugh evilly down at her,

I swear to god, for a second I thought the boss thug was going to suck off one of his underling thugs to show April how it’s supposed to be done. I’m not crushed that didn’t happen.

“Yeah! Suck off the boss good!”, “She’s enjoying this, she such a slutty
reporter!”, they could feel themselves getting closer while leader pull
out his cock so coated with her saliva before placing it in between her
big fat tits and began thrusting as she moaned, feeling something so
hard grinding her deep valley. He thrusted harder to get closer and
closer until he shot his load of hot cum onto her face and the other two
jizz down onto her breasts, then April let out her moans as she felt
how hot the male cum is against her soft skin.

I beg you, any of you who happens to get some action tonight, please — please — use the line “You’re such a slutty reporter!” Let me know how it goes.

“This isn’t over yet, it’s just getting started!”, the leader exclaimed
as they lift her off her feet with her long shapely legs spread before
he took a knife, cutting up the bottom of her suit with her cunt and big
fat ass exposed as he could see juice flowing out of her pussy, so he
reach down and rub it as April shut her eyes, moaning with blushes on
her face until he stop and show how much of her juice is on her fingers,

I didn’t know bananas had juice.

“Look how wet you are, Ms. O’Neil, now you make us wanna fuck you
silly!”, the leader lie down on his back as they set her on top, then
April moan loud feeling the size of his cock slowly sliding up inside
her dripping wet pussy and began humping on him while she now suck on
the two fat dicks,

“You’re pretty tight down here, yet you’re awfully wet inside. I love it!”, the leader grinned as he thrusted upward.

“As far as rape victims go, I give you a four out of 5!”

April began moaning louder as she gave each of them a sloppy wet blowjob
with much saliva dripping out of her luscious mouth, now enjoying the
leader’s thick hard shlong penetrating her naughty pink hole harder as
her body grew very hot and sweaty with her nipples getting super hard
while those big fat tits bounce up and down.

Hopefully Abraxas and the other fan fic writers will back me up on this, but it’s my feeling that if you use the word “shlong” anywhere in your story, you have failed as an erotic fan fic author. Anyone disagree?

After a while, one thug got so excited that he can’t wait much longer as he went behind her and laughed pervertedly, “Hahaha… I wanna fuck her in the ass now!”,

It’s funny because it’s anal!

she placed her hands down
on the ground while leaning forward as he slowly shove his cock inside
her tight asshole and started thrusting, causing April to moan ever
louder until the other thugs position himself in front and forced his
dick into her mouth to shut her up, now April receiving a double
penetration with two thick cocks in her nasty holes while sucking on the
other as he roughly grab on the back of her head and the other thrusts
inside her forbidden hole harder as he hit onto her huge plump ass,
sending waves through and make it jiggle, slapping it hard.

FFF Band Names #237: The Nasty Holes

April’s body has now gotten sensitive after moments of intense gangbang
pleasure, the harder they thrust, the louder her sexy moans get as her
womb, rectom and throat are being reached and hit repeatedly, all her
holes are stuffed as they are getting closer once more until finally
they grunted, filling her up with hot cum as they splatter out, April
screamed as she felt such big load inside each her holes and took every

No joke here. I just wanted to point out that the author really wrote “her
womb, rectom and throat are being reached and hit repeatedly,”
That is all.

Moments later after it was over, the gang is all dressed up and walk out
of the alley, leaving April alone. She stood up on her feet as their
cum drip out her holes and lick her lips before gently placing her
fingers on them with a soft grin,

“Hmhmhm… So this is what she was talking about? Holy scoop! I’ve never
been through something like this before. I hope this happens more often
when I get captured before the turtles come to rescue me, and I gonna
keep this story to myself!”,

“Holy scoop! I’ve just been gangraped, and it was great! The world of sexual assault has been opened to me, and I can’t wait to get fucked by more men I don’t know, in filthy alleys, against my will!”

then the turtlecom rang, so she answered, it was Leonardo,

“Hey, April. Just thought I check up on you before we hit the bed
and…. What’s all that white goo on you face, April?”, he asked

April widen her eyes as she forgot it was still on her face, then she made up an excuse,

“Oh! It’s just uhhh… tooth paste.. yeah.. I squeezed some on my face
by accident, I’ll clean it off so don’t worry!”, she chuckled faintly.

“Okay, But then why do you have toothpaste oozing out of your asshole? Have you been brushing your anus? Shouldn’t you do that at home, instead of in an alley?”

“Hmmm… Never seen tooth paste that sticky that before. Alright, you
call if there’s any trouble and we’ll be on our way, okay? Good night,
April.”, Leonardo said before signaling out.

“Good night, guys.”, then April sighed in relief and smiled as she made
her way back home in her apartment to get cleaned up and hit the bed as
she will never forget that encounter.

Truly, it was an unforgettable capture, except that in no way was she captured.

So weird note: I was hunting for April O’Neil pictures for this story, and I always search NSFW, because I’ve been destroyed by FFFs. Finding a pic of April O’Neil from the cartoon is hard — genuinely difficult — but finding fanart of April O’Neil naked or getting fucked? Easier than any other character I’ve seen. I’m not too shocked, but it’s like 10% actual pics, 90% porn. And what’s weirder is that April stars in every kind of fetish, right on the first page of Image search results. Lesbian? Check. Turtle sex? Of course. Bondage? Undoubtedly. Fat? Many many pictures. Pregnant but not fat? You betcha. As a centaur fucking another centaur? Indeed.  Fun!