Kratos Is One Cheap-Ass Mother-F@#$er

Since i can’t stand the Mortal Kombat games, I’d forgotten that God of War‘s Kratos was an exclusive character in the PS3 version.  Good thing this video of Kratos in action came out to remind me, which also serves as a warning to everyone that Kratos will be the cheapest motherfucker ever featured in a fighting game. Jesus Christ, just watch him — he has all his GoW weapons, including his Blades of Chaos, which cover practically the entire board, and can switch to a barrage of fire arrows in about a quarter of a second. And that’s not counting the fact that he apparently has quick-time events for his special attacks — which means while Raiden and everyone else is hitting “up-right-back quarter circle left-triangle-triangle-up-triangle” to throw a flaming uppercut, Kratos has to hit “circle.” If I didn’t think Mortal Kombat‘s gameplay was already irretrievably broken, I’d be a bit concerned.