Natalie Portman’s Butt Has a New Trailer


<a href=”” target=”_new” title=”Exclusive: ‘Your Highness’ Trailer (Mature Audiences)”>Video: Exclusive: ‘Your Highness’ Trailer (Mature Audiences)</a>(Warning: This trailer is chock-full of nudity, and thus NSFW.) And by “Natalie Portman’s Butt” of course I mean Your Highness, the stoner-fantasy-comedy starring Danny McBride, James Franco… and Natalie Portman’s ass. Now, this is a new red-band trailer — it’s not as ood as the first red-band trailer, but it’s far superior to the non-red-band trailer, and not just because of Portman’s backside. I’m at the point where I definitely won’t see this in theaters, but I will Netflix and hope I get the unrated version. I’m sorry; any movie with the line “We aim to kill the magical cocksucker” is too much like my old D&D sessions for me not to watch at least once. (Via First Showing)