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Fan Fiction Friday: Captain Janeway in “Voyager Uncensored”



?Since last week’s FFF was so outright, genuinely enjoyable, I figured that I should try and hurt as many people as possible this. It seems like the right thing to do. Unluckily for you, Topless Roboteer Shamus M. provided me with a perfect story about the crew of Star Trek: Voyager — and when I say perfect, I mean in the vein of “Toilet Sluts,” “Christmas Cuppa” and the other many, many poop-based Harry Potter fics. So if you can’t handle those types of stories — and if you can’t, that does mean you’re a better person than those who can — don’t read this. As one final warning, let me just put the author’s notes here:

This episode takes place after “The Raven” but before “Scientific
Method”, in Voyager‘s 4th season, pretty much right after they introduced
Content Note:
This one is, again, pretty extreme. But I don’t do it for sheer shock
value or for the sake of being extreme. I try to pay a lot of attention to
character and motivation and I try to keep the characters true to my vision
of them, keep them consistent.

This story contains: F/f, FM/f TS/m, F/m, FM/m, and bestiality, oral,
anal, watersports, scat, humiliation and D/S.
(Note that “TS” here stands for a woman with a penis, not a man in drag,
trust me, it will make sense when you read it.)
Also, as usual, no incest, no pedophilia (though I guess technically Kes
is only 6, but then her race only lives 9 years and is mature by 2), no
torture or snuff. Just thought you’d like to know.

I didn’t want to know. At all. But now I do, I guess. Shall we?

Kes was well into her third orgasm, lost in depraved, bestial lust, when
Janeway & Chakotay returned to the room. She didn’t even hear the door
slide open. Chakotay and Janeway were drunk and laughing, but they
instantly heard the sounds of sex coming from the other side of the bed.
They heard the panting, the groaning, the wet slurping of the chingador’s
twin cocks violating Kes’ cunt and ass. They heard the slap of the
chingador’s massive balls on Kes’ upturned asshole.

Janeway and Chakotay stepped quietly around to bed to see who Kes had
“scored”, but even *they* weren’t prepared for the sight before them! Kes,
still bound, still with a mouthful of dildo, ass in the air, being ravaged
by a double-dicked alien animal!

Yes, the chingador — whose name happens to be Pinganto — is a double-dicked alien animal. I believe this creature is not part of official Trek canon but a creation by the author. If I am incorrect I apologize. Also, I appreciate that Janeway and her first officer Chakotay were “unprepared” for the site of an underage alien girl getting fucked by a double-dicked alien animal, but that kind of implies that someone could actually be prepared for such a sight, and I don’t actually believe that’s possible.

She was so deep in her spiral of shame and rapture that her eyes were
rolled back in her head and she was drooling around her cock-gag onto the
carpet. Not only was she cumming from the huge chingador cock in her cunt,
but also from the one in her ass. Since her race only lived 9 years, it
developed a lot of redundant sexual reproductive organs.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Apparently, her
race had a history of not knowing which hole to fuck, to evolution made
sure it didn’t matter.

Excuse me. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

She has a normal clitoris and fallopian tubes, but
she also has an extra clitoris deep inside her ass on her sphincter and one
down her throat, past the epiglottis.

Okay… now that is the stupidest th–

And in both her colon and her
esophagus, there are sperm collection ducts that open up when the redundant
clitoris is stimulated.

So she could become pregnant from sex in either
her cunt, mouth OR ass.

You know, I’m just going to finish the story before make any more assessments. Although I do believe it will be difficult to top a random assortment of internal clitorises.

Having a massive dildo rammed down her throat and
the twin animal pricks plunging into both her pussy and asshole was causing
her to have triple orgasms at the moment, something she’d never experienced
before! And she was soaking up quite a lot of chingador jizz, seeing as
how they ejaculate nearly ten times more than comparably-sized animals
(chingadors usually have litters and need to inject large amounts of sperm
to ensure a large brood).


“Now, why can’t you do me like *that*?” Janeway teased Chakotay.

“Because I only have one dick?”

Chakotay smirked at her and Janeway gave him a haughty, challenging

After only a second of hesitation, Chakotay threw his Captain onto the
bed so that her ass was in the air, just like Kes. Janeway was surprised,
but settled into the submissive pose with a sigh of anticipation.

“You want to be fucked like a bitch, do you?” Chakotay demanded sternly
as he quickly disrobed and got up on the bed behind her.

Janeway growled and barked in response.

I’m not much of a Trek fan, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of Voyager. However, I’m under the impression that the image of Captain Janeway barking while wiggling her ass in the air should make several of you want to kill yourselves in pure misery.

“Okay, bitch, you got it!” Chakotay tore Janeway’s dress, exposing her
fishnet stockings under which she wore no underwear. Roughly, he grabbed a
hole in the fishnets centered right on Janeway’s quivering browneye and
tore open a hole to expose her ass.

Ladies, help me out here — don’t stockings only go up the leg? So if Janeway was wearing underwear underneath them, wouldn’t they have to be wadded around her knee or something?

Janeway whimpered like a dog in heat, waving her vulnerable ass at him.

“Is this where doggy wants it? Hunh?!” Chakotay slapped Janeway’s ass
firmly, making her jump and yelp, “Answer me, BITCH! Is this where doggy
needs to be FUCKED?!”

Janeway panted and nodded her head, whimpering as Chakotay continued to
spank her ass and tease her while he berated her.

“Yeah, you’ve been a bad, bad, little bitch! Now you’re going to get
punished!” And with that, he rammed his rock-hard cock straight into her
asshole with no preparation or gentleness.

As assholes can always accommodate, and were designed specifically to handle.

Luckily for Janeway, her ass
was already a bit sweaty from all the dancing they’d done earlier in the
night and the pain was dulled enough by the alcohol that is was just enough
to still be enjoyable.

Chakotay savagely rammed Janeway’s shithole as hard and as fast as he
could, matching Pinganto’s impressive tempo in Kes’ holes.

So I forgot to mention this story was written someone called Scatwoman, which should indicate what’s going to happen in the story shortly. But I bring this up now because I’m pretty sure Scatwoman is a dude. Call me sexist, I just feel that very, very few women use the word “shithole” erotically.

He grabbed
Janeway by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her up so that her
back was arched awkwardly and her mouth gaped open. As he abused her
poopchute, she yelped and panted and slobbered and whimpered like a
helpless puppy.

So… it’s like he was fucking an underage dog. Got it. AWESOME.

For another hour, they continued this, every time Pinganto got up his
stamina (and his erections) and fucked Kes, again, Chakotay would give
Janeway the bitch treatment as well.

A.k.a. the ol’ “Knick Knack Paddy-whack.”

Finally, both Pinganto and Chakotay gave out. Chakotay was glad, too,
because even though he hadn’t had sex in a while, and he’d been dreaming
about doing that to Janeway since he first met her, he was only human,
after all, and didn’t have the raw reserves Pinganto did, obviously! He
collapsed, finally, on the bed next to Janeway.


Janeway, also exhausted, shuffled up to Chakotay’s face and licked it,
in appreciation. Chakotay, barely staving off unconsciousness, weakly gave
her a few pets and strokes on the head and scratched her behind the ears.

I imagine Kate Mulgrew is screaming hysterically right now, though she doesn’t know why.

“Good dog,” he said, smirking.

If I have at been at all unclear about what this FFF entails, let me be clear now: SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. That is not a metaphor. Continue at your own risk.

Janeway, clenching her asshole tightly so as to not let any of
Chakotay’s four loads of cum leak out, slid off the bed and down to Kes,
who was still in an apparent state of carnal coma. She unbound Kes (but
kept her wrists and ankles shackled). She withdrew the massive black dildo
from her slack jawed mouth and inserted it into her overflowing cunt, to
make sure none of the dog cum was lost.

Wait, was it a dildo or a cork? I don’t think it can be both.

Janeway looked around and spotted a flower arrangement in a large
pitcher. She got up, grabbed it, and disappeared into the bathroom. When
she returned, the large pitcher was empty.


She then sat Kes up so as to squat over the pitcher and massaged her
reddened asscheeks. Globs upon globs of thick yellowish-brown shit-stained
chingador cum oozed out of Kes’ stretched-out asshole, making obscene
blurping and splattering sounds as it hit the inside of the glass pitcher.

“That sounds disgusting,” Chakotay chuckled just as Kes loudly farted
out a tremendous load of alien animal jizz, “UGH! Not to mention the

Kes seemed to be coming to and blankly turned to look at Janeway, and it
seemed she finally noticed she was there.

Meaning she hadn’t noticed someone was trying to make her shit semen into a flower vase? Because that seems like the thing I’d notice if someone was trying to do it to me.

“Oh… Mistress… you’re back…” she said softly.

“Yes, Kes, I’m back, and you’ve been a very good girl, we’re just
cleaning you up a little,” she said tenderly, as she stroked Kes’ delicate
face, brushing aside hair that was stuck to her face with dried sweat and

“I think… I think there was… an animal in here…” Kes muttered,
still unfocused.



“Yes, dear, it’s okay, you did great,” Janeway complimented her.

“I did? Thank you, Mistress…” Kes smiled weakly, the dearly-desired
praise of her Captain and Mistress cut through the haze in her mind and
made her truly, deeply happy inside.

“Looks like that’s all of it, better drink it down, don’t want it to go
to waste,” Janeway said as she held up the pitcher to Kes’ lips. Chakotay
leaned over to take a look.

“Holy shit, that must be around a QUART of cum!” he marveled.


?Here’s a visual representation just so you know the volume the author’s is talking about. Although I picked chocolate milk because I am a bad, bad man.

“At least,” Janeway smiled, “say ‘ahhh’, Kes!”

Kes absent-mindedly opened her mouth, not even seeing the pitcher of
shat-out animal jizz. As Janeway poured the foul mixture into her open and
obsequious mouth, Kes just stared into her Mistress’ loving, caring eyes.
She obediently swallowed each mouthful, finishing the whole pitcher’s worth
in about 30 seconds.

“Good girl,” Janeway said cheerfully as she put down the pitcher and
wiped some animal cum off of Kes’ chin and let her suck it off.

“Man, if I wasn’t spent already, I think I would have shot another load
just watching that!” Chakotay shook his head.

“Mm, thanks for reminding me!” Janeway wagged her finger at Chakotay as
she stood up and squatted over Kes’ mouth, “Here’s my contribution, too!”

“I forgot I’d been holding all this semen in my asshole! Thanks for reminding me!”

Kes had been in this position many times before and knew just what to
do. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed expertly as Janeway shat globs
upon globs of hot shit-stained cum directly into her gaping maw. Of
course, as the last mouthful of jizz filled her mouth, Janeway shat out a
huge turd right into the pool of cum, forcing Kes to close her mouth around
it and start chewing and swallowing, lest she spill some precious spooge or
drop some of her Mistress’ brown gift.

I was thinking about running a picture of a cute puppy here, just to break up the horror, but I honestly worried that it might ruin pictures of cute puppies for some of you.

As Kes devoured the shit, Janeway lowered herself onto Kes’ mouth so
that her lips were sealed directly to her anus and she was shitting
straight into Kes’ mouth. Kes expertly chewed and swallowed it all –
though Ocampan throats are wide to allow for sexual organs penetrating it,
so she often only had to bite off large chunks and swallow it largely


In fact, she usually had an esophageal orgasm when feeding directly
from Janeway’s asshole like this (especially if the shit is firm and in
wide, long logs), but she was so spent from her ordeal with Pinganto that
she didn’t have any energy left in her for it.

I just hate when I’m so tired I my mouth-clit can’t reach orgasm when I eat poop. Drives me crazy!

Once Janeway had fully evacuated, Kes used her long, bumpy tongue to
snake up inside Janeway’s ass and lick her rectum and sphincter clean of
ever trace of spunk and feces.

Janeway stepped off Kes, thoroughly emptied, cleaned and satisfied.

“Wow, I’d heard the stories, but I never was quite sure what to
believe!” Chakotay shook his head, obviously impressed with the ritual he’d
just witnessed.

Hey, Chakotay — a dirty poem scribbled on one of the Voyager’s bathroom walls doesn’t count as a “story,” okay?

“Oh, yes, my little Kes is quite an accomplished slave. In fact, I
think she deserves a bit of refreshment. Chakotay, would you join me over
here, please?”

Something tells me it’s not tea time.

Chakotay looked at his Captain questioningly, not sure what she meant.
But, even though she was asking nicely, he could tell she was back in
charge, now, and expected him to obey her orders. He got off the bed and
stood next to her over Kes.

“Kes, clean my filthy shit off the commander’s cock, would you?” Janeway

Do they not have Wet-Naps in the future?

Kes didn’t hesitate a second and efficiently deep-throated Chakotay’s
semi-flaccid cock, sucking the cum and shit off of it. When she was done,
Janeway held her mouth open and held Chakotay’s cock pointed at her open
mouth, squatting slightly herself.

“Now let’s give Kes her refreshment, something to wash all that down
with,” Janeway smiled as she began pissing forcefully into Kes’ mouth.

“Ah, good!” Chakotay let loose, too, “All that drinking we did, I have
to piss like a racehorse!”

Kes sighed as the twin hot streams of strong-tasting urine splashed into
her mouth, mixing their unique tastes and filling her mouth. She guzzled
down the fresh piss expertly and let it cleanse her pallet and wash the
clumps of thick animal jizz and crap off the lining of her throat.

How does one drink piss “amateurishly”? You know what, I don’t want to know.

As she drank her reward, she thought about how happy she was in her
place as Janeway’s slave… and her thoughts drifted to Pinganto… where
had he gone? Would she… would she ever see him again? Was she
despicable to *want* to see him again? Her confused emotions of happiness
and shame swirled around in her brain as Janeway and Chakotay’s piss
swirled around in her mouth…

Also, where does a two-dicked animal go on the Voyager? Is it just allowed to wander around? Is it allowed to fuck anyone, or was Kes a special case? Alas, this is the end, and when I say the end, I mean this is only the first section of a 20,000 word epic about Star Trek Voyager characters fucking and eating each others’ excretory materials. Highlights include:

? Seven of Nine, having eaten chili, pissing and shitting simultaneously into the twins Meghan and Jenny
? Torres and Tom simultaneously raping Harry the hologram on the holodeck
? Janeway getting a penis — excuse me, a Chingadorian double-penis — to better fuck Kes

Oh. did I mention that the 20,000 word epic was actually only CHAPTER FOUR AND THE TOTAL STORY IS 59,000 WORDS OF STAR TREK VOYAGER CHARACTERS EATING EACH OTHERS’ SHIT? Didn’t think so. You may read all of Chapter 4 here, or check out the entire epic here. I think I’ll hang back and see if I can figure out how I can avoid eating and going to the bathroom for the rest of my life. At the moment, my best solution is “bludgeoning myself to death with a hammer.”