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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Skyline Tenga


If you’re one of the few people who saw the aliens-invade-L.A. movie Skyline — you know, the one that wasn’t Battle: Los Angeles — you may have thought, “I enjoy this movie. I would like to stick my penis in something related to this movie.” You probably didn’t think this, because almost no one is that insane.


?And yet Japan went ahead and made officially licensed Skyline Tenga to promote the movie in Japan. The reasoning seems to be that Skyline featured alien spaceships that sucked people into them, while the tenga — a.k.a the Fleshlight of Japan — also does it’s own kind of sucking… kind of. Frankly, I think there’s a whole third level of sucking going on here, but the less said about this the better. What’s really disturbing is that even assuming you have no strong (let alone carnal) thoughts about the Skyline movie and just want to jerk off into a plastic cup-thing, the Skyline theme kind of forces a mental image where your sperm are actually millions of innocent people who are being “sucked” to their death inside the “alien spaceship.” If you can maintain an erection while thinking about that — let alone get off — well, I guess you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind jerking off into a mediocre B-movie-branded sex toy. (Via Blastr)