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Fan Fiction Friday: Raven and Beast Boy in “A @#$%ty Fate”



?Today’s FFF is a bit on the short side, so I thought I’d start with a little talk about FFF submissions. First of all, I need ’em. Second of all, I do get a fair amount of submissions; however, only a few of them work for FFF — so here’s a few thought on the kind of stories I’m looking for.

? Size. It can’t be too long, and it can’t be too short. Massive epics like “Cupcakes” and” Agony in Pink” are right out. FFF stories should be between 1,000 and 4,000 words, although 2-3,000 is really the sweet spot. Shorter than that you feel gypped, longer than that and it’s too much work and I contemplate killing myself before I’m even finished.
? It should be of reasonably well-known characters. That means not people who had two minutes of screen time in Kingdom Hearts II. But any title characters — even for obscure shit, like Tutenstein — is okay, but the better known the better. Use your own judgment — just know it’s more entertaining when Buffy the Vampire Slayer suddenly sprouts a penis than some nth-tier female character on Supernatural.
? It needs to be especially fucked up. What do I mean? I mean, 95% of all erotic fan fiction is about two non-homosexual characters having homosexual sex. That’s just the standard. FFF needs to feature something significantly weird or different or poorly written or something, because I can make awful funny (insert joke about me never being funny here) but I can’t fix boring.
? It should probably not be crack fic, written purely to freak people out. It’s like MST3K featuring a movie that was intentionally made to be bad — it just doesn’t work.

So please, with that in mind, I will take all the suggestions I can get. Email ’em to me at [email protected], if and when you please. I might not thank you for it, but your fellow Topless Roboteers will. And now, your regularly scheduled FFF begins after the jump.

Today’s FFF is actually kind of interesting, as it features the return of an author not seen on TR for nearly three years — namely, Yami_Joeys_Dog. I ran another Teen Titans fic of his (or at least part of one) way back in 2008, back in the early days, when I’d get only 16 comments on FFF. It’s here, if you want to read about Robin in a diaper. Humorously, back then, I actually edited more of the story, to keep folks from being too scandalized and/or traumatized. Ha ha! We were all so innocent back then.

Anyways, here’s a story about Robin shoving Beast Boy up her ass.

Raven slept in her room, dreaming about happy times. she was dressed in a
lacy nightgown, that did little to hide her figure and her blankets
were down, her mouth open.

Don’t sleep with your mouth open! Spiders could crawl in there!

Beast boy flew into the the form of a insect and changed into human form, ready to start one of his nightly routines.

Or Beast Boy could masturbate into it. Either way, you should probably keep your mouth closed.

it had started months ago, when he was going though his heat, and came
to raven for help, a giant bonner in his tights, and she had fell off
the bed laughing and knocked herself out.

I really want to believe that Yami misspelled “bonnet” there.

he hadn’t been able to hold
back, and stoked himself like mad, covering her face in his load.

he had fled the room afterwards, but she never said after about it, or the next night he he snuck i, or the next…

Slowly, he took out his fair sized cock and began to beat off over her
face, aiming for her pretty little mouth, which started to move.

“You know, I wasn’t sure if i was summoning boy toys in my sleep again
or if somebody in the tower was a perv..” she said opening her eyes, and
locking his powers from him.

“Raven! I er…well…” Beast boy stammered.

“It’s not what you think! There was a spider about to crawl into your mouth, and… uh… I was trying to knock it off… with my penis.”

“You thought i was just going to let you cum all over my face over and
over again? why would i waste my time with you, when i can summon hung
shades…or go fuck cyborg.”


?Hung shades?

“Look…I’ll um…make it up to you!” BB said quickly.

“Oh, you’ll make it up to me alright…but not how you think you will…”

Raven began to chant some words, and BB felt frozen in place with fear
as the world seemed to grow bigger all around him. when he was a measly 9
inches tall raven stopped the spell and picked him up, and smiled.

Oh I’m sorry, did you think this story was just going to be about Beast Boy fucking Raven in the ass? Oh no no no no.

“mmm, you look so cute..i could just eat you up right now…” she said to him, licking his body, earning a tiny squeal from him.

“but first…You do owe me…you’ve cum on me several times…”

Tiny BB smiled, think she was about to try and drown him in her juices,
when she uttered anther spell, that locked him in place, with him
standing strait, arms at his sides, and his mouth was forced open.

“Dude, she’s gonna use me like a dildo! fucking sweet!” BB thought.

Accentuate the positive, Beast Boy!

“Oh and Beast boy? did i ever mention how much i love anal?” Raven asked.

a shudder came though the poor boy, and raven dripped him in some lube.

“I’ve casted a spell on you, that you won’t need air, or water or
food…as well as anther perk that I’ll mention later…but for
now…”she shoved his head up her ass slowly.

You know, it’s the “won’t need food” part that should really worry Beast Boy. Because that implies Raven will just keep him shoved up her ass for hours, if not days.

BB wanted to scream as the darkness took over him, and the smell and taste hit him. it was enough to make him wanna gag.

Really? If there’s a time to actually gag, and not just want to gag, having your entire upper torso shoved in someone’s anus seems like it would be a pretty legitimate time to do so.

Raven meanwhile, was moaning lightly , as she slide BB in up to his feet
in her ass, then gently tugged him back out a bit. when she had him
adjusted right…she let going of the spell that kept him from talking,
and hit him with a compulsion to scream, and seconds later felt the
vibration in her ass, and wiggled about, fingering her cunt.

“ooh, scream you little bitch scream!” Raven moaned.

I actually took a second to wonder if Beast Boy’s screaming whilst in her asshole would actually provide enough vibration for Raven to feel it, and then I realized what I was doing. Oh, FFF, every time I think you’ve ruined me as much as you can, you always figure out some new way to make me pray for my own death.

in her ass, BB’s mouth was getting filled with waste and he screamed at
her again the vibration he was cause came back and made his pecker hard,
and he felt her squeeze her asshole around him, causing him to helpless
erupt in her.

Now wait just a second. Unless Beast Boy is Banshee, there’s no way he’s causing enough vibrations to get himself off, too. SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF YOUR SHRUNKEN CARTOON CHARACTER USED AS ANAL DILDO STORY

she came, soon afterwards, but left beast boy in her ass after she came,
and silenced him again, letting go a few farts while she read one of
her books for awhile.

God help me, I’m genuinely disappointed Beast Boy didn’t fly out of her ass, across the room, with one of Raven’s farts.

when she finally pulled the poor boy out, he was covered in shit, and
she plugged her nose before running him to her sink and washing him
off,and stripping him naked, making him able to move again.

he screamed at her, asking her what the fuck, but she was far too above him now to care.
she made sure he was spotless, before picking hi up again, by the leg and holding him over her head.

“You know what beast boy? only a low down piece of shit, would do what you’ve been doing.”

BB wriggled about, helpless, and the site aroused raven so much she began to finger herself again

I’m thinking Raven and Gargamel should maybe start some kind of support group.

“well, member before? when i mentioned another perk? I’m going to eat
you beast boy…and you’re going to live thru being digested, and being
shat out like any other piece of shit.”

Um, if Beast Boy is still 9-inches long, I think that passing him is going to be at least as much a punishment for her as it is for Beast Boy.

Beast boy didn’t have time to scream before he was down in ravens mouth,
her togue wet and slick,and he was forced down her throat, and into her
belly, the acid didn’t burn him, like he had expected, must of been her

Raven stalked off, and put on a diaper, wanting beast boy to suffer more
when he was shat out, and then laid down, and drifted off to sleep.



it would be early in the morning, when raven woke up with a cramp, and frowned.

“He shouldn’t of gone though me that fast…aw well, I’ll have to put on
anther diaper then…” she said with a pout, before voiding herself
loudly. in the back of her diaper, the first bit to come out of her
butt-hole was beast boy, who had swan hard to get out of her asap, he
was facing her ass and whimpered softly, before a massive load of shit
landed right on him, coving his face and nose and everything, burying
him in the poo.

And now you know why, even though it’s short, I had to run this story. So I could check “character shits another character into a diaper” off the ol’ FFF checklist.

when raven was done, she moved into the bathroom and sat down on the
floor, shoving more shit onto BB, and then untapped herself, and cleaned
herself up, not bothering to look for BB and taped the diaper up, and
tossed it in her waste basket, and went for a shower.

Question: What makes the least sense in this paragraph? That Raven “untapped” herself? That she for some reason put more poop in her poopy diaper after removing it? Or that she sat down on the floor to do all this, instead of the toilet?

when she hadn’t shit out beast boy by the next day, raven began to worry
about whether her spell had faded, and knew she would have to check
over her spell book, once she got back from taking out her trash.

Ha ha, it’s funny because Raven threw Beast Boy away! Also, he’s buried in feces, and possibly drowned/suffocated, depending on the viscosity of Raven’s shit. And with that question stuck firmly in your head, I’m going to put a rubber nipple on a handle of scotch and cry for a bit.