That’s… That’s a Lot of X-Men. No, Seriously

With all the hubbub about DC and Crisis on Infinite Reboots, I haven’t been paying much attention to all the X-Men comics I haven’t been buying. Apparently, there was an event called “Schism” which has or is about to wrap, beginning the “Re:Genesis” event, and splitting Marvel’s Merry Mutants into Team Wolverine and Team Cyclops in true Twilight-style (god, I hope they get t-shirts with their faces on them). While that’s not a big deal — the X-Men have split into two or more groups more than Jean Grey dies, and she can’t eat breakfast with keeling over — presumably who made whom’s roster might be noteworthy.




?First of all, yes, the top banner is Team Wolverine, and the bottom banner is Team Cyclops. Second, yes, that is Strong Guy apparently on X-Factor with Team Wolverine, which invalidates the entire credibility of “Re:Genesis” as far as I’m concerned. Now, I’m not even going to pretend to recognize all these guys, but X-fans can feel free to elucidate others in the comments. But what I really can’t believe, as a card-carrying nerd, is what I’m about to type:

That many X-Men comics? Seriously?!