Super Terrific Japanese Thing (NSFW)


This is a clip from the 2010 Japanese movie Big Tits Zombie, which is apparently also called The Big Tits Dragon: Hot Spring Zombies Vs. Strippers. Now, two things:
1) If you’ve seen this clip before, my apologies. It is nearly a year old, but FilmDrunk posted it yesterday and I immediately knew I had to share it with you all.
2) Now, when I say it’s not safe for work, I want to be clear — this video is actually technically safe for work. It’s on YouTube, after all. And it’s not like it’s graphically showing a real vagina with fangs that shoots fire at a bunch of clothed strippers. However, if you’re at a location where people might not take the appropriate time to determine whether the fanged fire-breathing vagina is real or not, you might want to give this a pass until later.