BREAKING: Indiana Jones to Come to Blu-Ray at Some Point, Somehow, with Some Extras, Probably, I Guess

Okay. When a series as beloved as the Indiana Jones trilogy — and it’s unofficial companion, Shia, Lord of the Monkeys, Versus the Ungrateful Aliens — gets announced as coming to Blu-ray, I feel compelled to report it. The problem is, that’s it — the only news is that Indiana Jones is coming to Blu-ray, which most of us probably assumed at this point. There’s no date other than “fall-ish”, and no extras listed; there’s only an Amazon pre-order page, which currently has the set for $75. So I guess that’s what I’m reporting. You can pre-order the Indiana Jones Blu-rays here. I guess my article on whether you should pre-order the Indiana Jones Blu-rays will come later.