Finally, Here’s Some Walking Dead Game Footage

Stay tuned after this lengthy interview with Robert Kirkman on Telltale’s Walking Dead game — or just skip ahead to 7:02 — and you’ll finally get to see some actual gameplay. Overall, I like it. It’s not a traditional point-and-click — there’s a lot of pointing and clicking, but with increased character movement, which should allow some decent running for your life action when necessary. And the Dragon Age/Mass Effect conversation wheel thingie is a smart way to focus on Walking Dead’s examination of how people work together to survive (and often fail to work together, obviously). I know some people hate WD because it’s much more about people than zombie attacks, but there are plenty of videogames about the latter if that’s what you want. I’m excited about a survival horror game in which survival is more about how you deal with the environment and people instead of just shooting shit in the head. If only for a change of pace. (Via Comics Alliance)