ShadowRun Returns (As a PC Game [And a 2-D RPG (If You Can Spare a Few Bucks)])

ShadowRun was a hell of a table-top role-playing game. It was a pretty swell Sega Genesis and SNES videogame too, if I recall. It was also a mediocre FPS in 2007, but let’s ignore that for the time being. ShadowRun creator Jordan Wesiman wants to make a 2-D ShadowRun tactical/strategy RPG for PC, Mac and tablets, and he’s using the Kickstarter route to do it. Much like Tim Schafer’s old-school adventure game and Wasteland 2, this is a terrific fucking idea, and even better, at the moment, Weisman is only $18,000 away from his $400,000 goal, meaning the chances of this not happening are actually pretty slim at this point (I bet it gets fully funded by the end of the day, frankly). You know, Kickstarter may have its problems, but it may be the best thing to happen to videogames in years. Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.