Toy Trifecta: Kre-O Transformers, Portal, Robocop


? Hasbro’s Kre-O Transformers-o line-o — er, sorry, Transformers line — will be getting some combiners, specifically the Combaticons and the Predacons and two other unknowns. Each $11 set contains four adorable Kre-O mini figures which each transform as well as forming Bruticus and Predaking, respectively. The sets are due next spring. That’s the Predacons up above, obviously; MTV Geek has pics of the Combaticons here. Thanks to Tresob Yr for the tip.


? Were those high-end Portal turret statues too rich for your blood? Then you’ll be pleased to know WizKids will be making a bunch of 3-inch turret figures in a bevy of paint jobs. You know Cave Johnson would approve. You can actually vote for what styles get released on Portal‘s Facebook page. Thanks to SlyDante for the tip. (Via Destructoid)


? NECA just released pics of its new Robocop figure, which is much like its old Robocop figure, except this one has his retractable (spring-loaded) holster in his thigh. It’s due sooner rather than later. (Via ToyNewsI)