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Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Chest-Dancing Senran Kagura Breasts Soft Ice Cream


Senran Kagura is a Nintendo 3DS game series (and anime series) about extremely busty ninja girls; the newest installment, Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls, came out just a bit ago, with a main promotional image includes the character Homura cleverly carrying her high school diploma between her breasts. This is odd, but not STJT-worthy. When the image inspires ice cream, that’s when it becomes STJT-worthy.


Okay, let me answer your first question — no, this ice cream is not made with breast milk, thank god. Second, I have no idea what the “chjest-dancing” refers to, other than maybe Homura’s (and all the other female characters in the games and anime) tendency to jiggle (indeed, that appears to be the series’ main raison d’etre). Third, you’ll note the phallic cookie, which represents the phallic diploma tube nestled in Homura’s bosom. The dessert is being offered for 350 yen (about $4) in the Cafe Euro in the Akihabara district, which also offers the Chest-Dancing Senran Kagura Breasts Gelato, which somehow seems even more perverse. I know there have been tit-themed foodstuffs in Japan before, but making them about a specific character’s breasts from a specific series seems more… troublesome, somehow. I guarantee you, before I’m done with Topless Robot, there will be an entire restaurant in Tokyo whose entire menu consists of nothing but items based on the tits of various anime characters. There’s no doubt in my mind. (Via ANN)