Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The Anus Dagger




The Japanese sell — and then some of them buy, presumably — a dildo called the “Anus Dagger.” So… yeah. Use this fun fact to break the ice at parties! Or buy it here, and then go stab people in the anus! Your call!

What? You say the item’s name is horrifying, but you aren’t quite traumatized enough? Well, join me after the jump, maybe I can find something NSFW


When I first saw this inflatable “Hug Girls Yumi Love Pillow,” I laughed because I assumed someone had done some poor/unfortunate photoshopping, thus making this Love Pillow look like a sex aid for giants. And then I slowly realized that the image probably wasn’t photoshopped wrong, and that the ever-more-perverse Japanese are making inflatable sex dolls in smaller sizes to replicate… you know. And now I keep telling myself that that’s not true, that in fact this item is designed specifically for a burgeoning crowd of people who like to have sex with those old inflatable punching bag clowns, but I don’t really believe that so I’m going to go drink myself to death now.