Viral Video Du Jour: R’ha

Maybe this will be a new feature title. Maybe not. Right now I just can’t think of any good puns involving R’ha.


A cobra-headed alien dude with four arms – the product of a Reptile/Goro Fan Fiction Friday, perhaps – is interrogated on a torture rack by a Matrix Sentinel lookalike without all the tentacles. There’s a war on, of cobra dudes versus the machines they created, and some vague attempt at political allegory by showing the first machine attack resembling drone warfare.

Director Kaleb Lechowski is apparently about to come to L.A., where perhaps he can make the sequel to 9. By which of course I mean spiritual sequel – an actual sequel to that movie isn’t gonna happen.

Lechowski doesn’t get many points for story originality – the cobra-dude is cool, but as soon as you see him in his space helmet, you’ll start thinking “13th colony.” When it comes to visuals, however, this fully CG environment feels incredibly tactile. I’m less excited about what comes of “R’ha” then of what comes after. Imagine this level of detail applied to Ninja Turtles, for example, or Skeletor.

Watch “R’ha” after the jump.

R?ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.