Cars 3 Is Coming…But it’s Soooooo Not What You Think



The cheeky gang at Troma are distributing the feature-film adaptation of a couple of viral videos – really NSFW parodies of the kinds of low-budget auto dealership commercials often seen on late-night cable. Yes, there were two shorts, around a minute and a half each, so the feature technically is part 3, but I would bet that preemptively swiping the number from Pixar was all Lloyd Kaufman’s idea.

The ensuing feature, about a car salesman who leases (not sells) his soul to the devil, looks like what might happen if Tim and Eric made a Cal Worthington biopic, and if you know what that even means, this might be the movie for you.

The trailer and shorts 1 and 2 are after the jump. Don’t turn the volume up if anybody’s around.