Super Terrific Australian Thing: iPhone-Controlled Vibrating FUNdawear!


Wasn’t there a terrible Gerard Butler movie recently that had something like this in it?

First of all, God forbid your phone gets stolen, because then robbery can turn into molestation really easily.

Secondly, do we really think couples are the primary market here? I’m betting a larger percentage of people buy it for themselves.

Thirdly, as if texting in movies isn’t already a problem, now I’m going to have other possibilities seared into my brain as to what that obnoxious teenager could actually be doing with his handheld device each time Eva Mendes comes onscreen.

Fourthly, I’m glad the word “fun” is in the name, so I’ll know it’s fun rather than creepy.

Fifthly, will “E.T. Phone Home” now become code for something else?

Sixthly…ah, watch the video if you dare (contains dirty talk, slightly NSFW). Then come up with sixthly yourself in comments.

Fundawear via Gizmodo