Doctor Who and Judge Dredd vs. Star Wars – For Realz



I should create a new category for “Stuff I’m Not Sure About But Then Everybody Sends It In As A Tip.” Judging by the sheer volume of submissions on this one, most of you have probably seen it by now. But here goes anyway:

It seems that the city of Norwich in England – previously best known to me as a place that the Man in the Moon wished to find – has both a Sci-Fi Club and a Star Wars Club, and it seems they get along about as well as the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea, to the point of holding different conventions – and arguing about whether one or the other has the right to actually use the word convention.

So when the chairman of the Sci-Fi Club attended the 4th Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention (which was being put on by the Star Wars Club; follow me here) allegedly to get some Doctor Who autographs but apparently to secretly film everything, it grew into a nerd fight involving two Doctor Who copslayers and one Judge Dredd.

So who wins in that scenario? We’ll never know, because the police broke it up. And that Dredd image above? Just made me smile.

Seriously, though, fellow sci-fi fans: let’s not fight. We need to band together against outside forces that utterly despise us.

Like whoever came up with this T-shirt: