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There’s Finally a Ringu Action Figure, but It’s Expensive and Not Very Good



You probably think I’m exaggerating. Ehh, you’ve seen worse, right? NECA’s Die Hard figure wasn’t great. Is this 8″ figure so terrible? Like, it has a well and everything.

It costs seventy-five dollars. Also it’s soft vinyl and has only two points of articulation. For that, I expect to at least be able to see the one creepy-as-fuck upside-down eyeball that’s key to her dominating way more scary dreams than her U.S. counterpart Samara. Or to actually kill my enemies in seven days. (I suppose I could try to convince them to swallow her and they might choke…)

NECA actually sculpted a Samara figure years ago, but were never able to clear all the legal hurdles to releasing it. A prototype is on display in their studio and was recently caught on camera by (warning: clicking over may make you weep for cool toy you will never have).

Is soft vinyl Sadako better than none at all? My hope here is that maybe the license is now loosening up and someone else can do something better with it.

Before I die…I want to see that thing.