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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Seeks Crowdsourced Funds for Animated Movie



While I have no interest in helping out another emo rom-com from you-know-who, an animated sequel that resolves the cliffhanger to a Canadian horror-comedy series about a Satanic high school feels a whole lot more up my alley, even if I don’t quite buy the grandiose claim that the finished product will be…

…a combination of Heavy Metal and South Park. And let’s throw some Ralph Bakshi, Don Hertzfeld and Bill Plympton in there, too. With a dash of Manga for taste.

I always thought it was a documentary show. Aren’t all high schools in Canada hotbeds of devil-worshiping socialism? But it does – did – have Jason Mewes with dildo-nunchuks.

This is a fixed funding campaign, so unlike some other, shadier Indiegogo projects, the filmmakers only get to keep the money if their goal is reached. If they overshoot it to the tune of a million bucks, they’ll do a live-action film. Among the higher-level perks:

Jason Mewes will tweet his 250,000+ followers about how much pussy (or dick) you get.

Will Kristen Bell do that? I think not.

Pitch video after the jump, which includes a somewhat NSFW highlight reel.