Anchorman 2 Trailer Parties Like it’s 1981



I think the reason Anchorman remains the most avidly cult-followed of Will Ferrell’s movies is that, more than any other, it lets him be extremely weird and take the story in whatever direction his muse led him. As such, the ostensible premise and story became almost irrelevant.

So aside from its taking of Ron Burgundy and his team into the ’80s, I’m not sure the story here in the sequel is really the point. Indeed, I hope it isn’t, because I’m a little burned out on “ironic” racism as a cheap taboo gag. I will grant that it probably better befits a clueless newsman in the ’80s than, say, Sarah Silverman today. The scene at the end of this clip makes me wince more than laugh, but I’m hoping that the R-rated version will go in a more interesting direction.

Watch after the jump and see what you think.