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Beware the Batman Looks Better Than Expected



I think more than a few of us were a bit worried by the teaser image above, implying to those who didn’t necessarily know the characters depicted that Batman would be part of a team with a gun-toting Alfred and Katana as an obligatory affirmative-action partner, facing off against giant mutant animal-people. However, the first real footage is out, and it doesn’t seem that way it all – it’s a Batman in solo action the way you would hope, with slick martial arts and the usual gadgetry. And while I’m not entirely familiar with all the new villains, it’s nice to see things changed up on that front and the roster probed a bit more deeply.

I hope they do some dark reimaginings of the Minstrel and Egghead. There has to be some new deconstructionist way to make them actually threatening, right?

Watch after the jump. I think I’m sold on it. The show debuts July 13th.