Cult 1984 Game Deus Ex Machina Returns…With Christopher Lee

Back in the days of the ZX Spectrum, this odd multimedia-style game featuring Jon Pertwee and the music of Ian Dury came out and won a few awards. It was only available by mail order.


I don’t know that enough people remembered it to demand a sequel/reboot, but one is happening anyway, on Kickstarter. I tried playing the demo – if playing is the right word. You start as a sperm flying through the Fallopian tubes, moving slightly using the arrow keys, and eventually fertilizing an egg, all as Ian Dury sings a song.


In the next level, you’re a fetus, dodging flying eyeballs, but they don’t hurt you that much if you do hit them. Eventually the song (female vocal this time) ends and you get born.


Later levels deal with you apparently living through the ’60s and then torturing people in Abu Ghraib, or something.


It’s fair to say I don’t quite get it. But here’s a semi-explanatory video that has Christopher Lee in it.