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Ewok Sushi – The Right to (Teddy) Bear Rice



Before the prequels, I remember a day when it was woefully uncool to ever admit any kind of fun feelings for the Ewoks, who were considered blatant marketing to kids without consideration for the story.

Then George Lucas and his kids invented the Gungans, and nobody was able to hold a grudge against any previous race after that.

Still, one thing grates: for all their cuteness, everyone seems to forget that the Ewoks initially tried to eat people. It’s time for payback, you “oopa-noopa” talkin’ beary bitches. And sushi seems like the best way to do it. Our congratulations to LydMc for figuring out a way to make the adorable Endorians edible as cute li’l rice balls.

If I were Bostonian, I’d suggest that they must taste Wicket good.