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Nerd TV: Power Lords vs. Cake Boss, Daily Show vs. WWE


The Learning Channel isn’t necessarily a place you normally go to for toy-collecting interests, but this week’s episode of Cake Boss featured renowned sculptors the Four Horsemen, and their relaunch of the Wayne Barlowe-designed Power Lords toys.

Meanwhile, on last night’s The Daily Show, John Oliver picked a fight with WWE’s fake Tea Party caricature Zeb Colter, though I think he got confused when he started blaming Colter for remarks by the commentary team. Regardless, he issued a challenge and got some surprising backup; I can’t imagine Vince McMahon will miss the chance to capitalize.

Next week: Lilo & Stitch demolish Toddlers and Tiaras, while the Duck Dynasty boys get bought out and downsized by a vengeful waterfowl named Scrooge. Alas, only in my dreams.