Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Action Figure With a Fist Boner


A picture says a thousand words. None of which you’d actually want spoken aloud.


This is a toy of Egashira 2:50, named the most annoying comedian in Japan, possibly for his penchant for pitching a tent in his pants using his fist and pretending it’s a massive erection.

Wikimedia Commons

I apologize; I did not expect two posts of penis-like action figures in a row. Mini-trends sometimes just happen.

Per Wikipedia:

Contrary to this image as an annoying, shocking performer, it has been remarked on shows like Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! that he is extremely polite and humble when the camera is not rolling. He is known for extremely good manners when dealing with TV staff, which may be part of why he is still on TV.

I’m not surprised – one of my first celebrity interviews ever was Tom Green, and I was a bit taken aback that as soon as he had no audience, he became just an ordinary, non-wacky guy.

The difference between him and Egashira, though, seems to me to be that if Freddy Got Fingered were a Japanese film, some toy company over there would actually have made a horse masturbation playset.

via Kotaku and SlyDante