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Throwing Dice – The Video Game



Have you ever wanted to play dice without all the complications of actually having to shake them?

Were you aware that dice are really quite cheap? Especially compared to iPads?

You say you don’t care? Right then, you’re the perfect consumer for Black Tie, a mobile game that offers you all the excitement of throwing tiny cubes into the air, with none of that annoying potential wrist exercise.

Oh, but there are bonus features…

Black Tie is a 3D dice game, with real physics and realistic graphics. It is made not only for people who enjoy playing at casinos, but also for those who like to spend some time playing casual games in their smartphones and tablets.

Realistic graphics. Because there might have been some doubt as to the possibility of making a cube with spots on it look realistic.

The power ups will give you more points, chips, and even allow you to roll the dice again or invert two dice colors to better suit your combo.

I get to roll the dice again? You mean the game doesn’t end after I’ve taken a single turn? What a generous game you are.

To make your game even nicer, you may also customize it a little bit with metal or wood dice sets.

Only a little bit? I can’t use dice made of cheese? Or Play-Doh? Dammit, you have no imagination, Black Tie.

Watch the trailer after the jump – I know you’re dying to see a simulation of somebody else playing dice games with no actual stakes.