Comic-Con Bags Will Now Have Capes Attached


I like the Comic-Con bags, and applauded the way they adapted them into backpacks in recent years. I am also the kind of guy who’ll wear mouse ears at Disneyland, so it’s not like I have a problem looking dorky in the spirit of fun.

But there is no way in all of creation that I am going to walk around with this THING flowing from my back…


Capes attached to backpacks, WB? That’s fine for Batman. But ask Edna Mode what happens when you wear a cape to a crowded event.

Also: all these capes, and not a single one is in the style of that one summer movie y’all have that’s been huge, Super-something…oh yeah, MAN OF STEEL? Your big property that makes the most sense doing this kind of thing?

Considering all the swag at the show, I feel more Liefeldian about the whole deal. In other words, forget capes: make me something with a ton of huge pouches on it.