GIVEAWAY: Comic-Con Themed IMAX Prize Pack



They’re ubiquitous at Comic-Con, and not so many other places (for most of us) – those bicycle powered pedicabs that constantly try to hustle you to pay them for a ride of a few blocks (the one time I used one, it took me to the wrong place completely). But this year, alongside the independent operators of varying degrees of quality and honesty, IMAX is providing pedicabs that are absolutely FREE to Comic-Con badge holders to anywhere within the Gaslamp District. They’ll also have street teams handing out free swag.

We can’t get you your own pedicab if you’re not going – but swag, we can handle. Win the gift box pictured above, which contains a T-shirt, 2 gig USB drive, water bottle, notebook, keychain lanyard, post-it pad, Frisbee and Star Trek knuckle tattoos.

The contest will end just after Comic-Con does – Sunday at 7 p.m.

To enter, post a comment below telling me what announcement – however unlikely – you’d like to hear at Comic-Con. It can be believable or not, and creativity counts, so if you want to make an image, fake press release, whatever, it just has to be embeddable below. Or a simple one-liner may catch my attention better. You never know, so just have fun with it.

And if you’re going to the Con, keep an eye out for these:


This is not the only Comic-Con contest I’m running this week, nor is it the one I teased Friday. That next one will be a doozy…