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Has Google Glass Just Enabled the Nerdiest Porn Ever?



Many have wondered what Google Glass would do for POV erotica. Now we know, and it’s surprisingly annoying, as demonstrated in this deliberately satirical video short.

You may never be able to make like Dr. Manhattan and do your science homework in another room while nailing your significant other in the bed, but as Andy San Dimas and James Deen demonstrate here, Google Glass lets you multitask online while boning – and go off on distracting conversational tangents that would risk killing the mood for anybody not a porn star.

The last moment in particular is one that would be 100% boner antidote for almost anybody. I know this spoof is supposed to be promoting the MiKandi Adult App Store, but in practice it’s going to make you think twice before ever using this particular tech toy in the sack.

Video after the jump. It has some adult language but no actual naughty nudity – just suggestive poses.

via Dis Magazine