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Only in England Would a Fan Mag Come With Free Veggies



Perhaps some UK readers will object to this characterization, but speaking as one who is half-English, I think I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is only one country in which a robot head filled with seeds to grow your own edible cress would be considered an appropriate giveaway with a sci-fi mag. The new edition of Doctor Who Adventures, on English magazine racks Wednesday, has done exactly that.

No, on these shores we get vocally upset when anyone suggests more vegetables would be better for us. We also appear to have found the entire concept of magazines fairly quaint, unless there’s porn in them.

But if we did have, say, a Defiance magazine? The equivalent premium would be something like deep-fried peanut-butter-flavored bacon dipped in chocolate. You know it to be true. And that’s why we’re awesome. Also, diabetic.