Overnight Open Thread – You Gotta Believe


Note: tomorrow will – technology willing – be a full posting day. After yesterday’s experience I will be up at the goddamn crack of dawn.

Speaking of goddamn…


And now Holden Hodgdon has something to say:

Holden Hodgdon here, I volunteered to write up this open weekend thread so Luke can not worry about it in addition to everything else he is writing up about SDCC.

Love ’em while you got ’em, but even when they are gone it’s not over.


Two words: Holy Shit.

this is Dergin Tokmak, a German break dancer who has lived with Polio since he was 1 year old (so says Google), punking the rest of the humanity on all of the petty little crap we all bitch about while sitting on our asses.

Now if only we could get him into death metal, some flaming crutches, and a bit of Rammstein …

damn …. this dude was on Cirque Du Soleil too!