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Sadako From Ringu Is Now Environmental Mascot, Has Own Milkshake



Here in America, McDonald’s makes green shakes in March to celebrate Irish heritage. In Japan this summer, another chain is making a blue milkshake with chocolate “hair” to call attention to global warming – all while utilizing a demonic drowned girl who deserved her watery grave as a call to awareness.

Via a rough Google translation:

I expressed the hair, which is a feature of Sadako that in Sheki of features, and topped with smooth chocolate softly in mild, feel the cool feeling, fragrance of a refreshing soda to use the black straw. This summer, Sadako has been appointed as the characters call for global warming prevention measures of summer by the Ministry of the Environment have recommended

I understand Japanese pride in Sadako – as herself or with her remake name of Samara, she’s a home-grown, global pop-culture icon. She is also absolutely evil, and I can only imagine you’d use her in a poltical activism campaign if you wanted the cause to fail.

Now, if you wanted to use her as a mascot for Lasik surgery, I can see that.


“We’ll have you seeing straight…in just seven daysssss!

h/t Tokyopop.